Josh Walker

International wildlife and disaster relief photographer


I’m Josh Walker. Professionally, I produce podcasts for clients, build websites, and produce video. When I’m not delivering projects for clients, I’m probably out freezing my ass off doing wildlife photography somewhere, editing video for my passion projects, doing long overdue house projects, or volunteering with Team Rubicon, a disaster relief nonprofit. 

I love film, music, and writing. I’m a wannabe foodie, combat veteran, and advocate for the marginalized and discriminated.


Recent Work

Small selection of some of my favorite projects, art, and photos.

Like my work?

When I have the capacity, I love to work with others. If you’ve got a project in mind you want to partner on, let’s chat.


By no means definitive, but here’s a glimpse into my workflow.

Storyboard + Outline

You’ve got to start somewhere. I start with a document that details the flow of the project, where I want it to go, and how I’d like it to look and feel.


Notes. Sketches. Photos. Screengrabs. Whatever I find that strikes me, I capture it and archive it for reference. 

Creative development

The bulk of the work is here. This is where the project really begins to come to life. Throughout the process, I share updates with my client and stakeholders for realtime feedback and input.

Sign-off + Acceptance

After achieving the vision and goals of the client project, the client signs off digitally, completing the project cycle.


I package up the deliverables, produce any required training videos, and deliver the final project with all appropriate assets and resources to the client.


I love to chat with my clients at the end of a project to hear what they enjoyed most about the process and anything they feel could be improved. Listening to a client provides invaluable insight you just won’t find anywhere else.


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